One of those days.

One of those days.

You know when you just have one of those days? The ones where you wish you could rewind and start again?
This morning, the boys had a hospital appointment at half nine. Being the amazing, super organized person that I am, we were all ready by 8.30. At 8.45 I thought I’ll go turn the car round so we’re ready to go. The key fob isn’t working. No big deal. Open the door, turn the ignition. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Oh bollocks. Phone my husband – goes to voicemail.
Okay – no big deal. We’ll get the bus. Might be a bit late but we’ll be okay. Look up bus times. It’s doable. Bus is at 9.18. Right, let’s get the pram out and do that. Can’t get the car boot open as its central bloody locking and you can’t open the boot manually!!!!! Fine. I’ll climb in the back of the car and drag the pram out. Can’t get the back doors open as the child lock is on. Are you fricking kidding me?!?!?!?!
My husband gets my message and races home. Thank goodness for Isofix. We quickly take the seats out of one car and squeeze them into the other car. Find I can get one of the back doors open on the defunct car so I fold the seats down and drag the pram out. It just fits into the Fiesta boot! We head off to the hospital and arrive at 9.35. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Our appointments are at 9.30 and 10am. They are running half an hour late. If anyone can tell me how a department that starts at 8.30 is running half an hour late by 9.30, I would honestly love to know. As it happens they can’t do the audiology tests as the boys won’t keep the ear plugs in. Who’d have thought? Toddlers that won’t keep ear plugs in!?!??!
Anyway, I started thinking, all is not lost. It’s twins group this morning. I love twins group. The boys can have a run around while I get coffee and cake. What’s not to like. Arrive at the soft play to find another baby group has started up at the same time as ours and the place is heaving. There are babies and small children all over the place. Oh no. Still, I get my coffee and chat with the girls. The boys are grumpy and tired. One sleeps, the other doesn’t. He’ll regret that later on I tell him but he doesn’t listen.
Decide to go home as it’s easier to be tired and grumpy in the comfort of your own home. Archie falls asleep eating his lunch. ‘Told you so’ I tell him as I pull the unchewed food out of his mouth. Put them in their chairs and wait to see if Harry falls asleep too, desperately wanting just half an hour to have a cuppa and collect my thoughts in peace (aka play Wordbrain). Harry falls asleep ten minutes before we have to leave to go and pick their dad up from work. Of course he does.
Pick hubby up from work, quick stop at the shops for the essentials. Pizza and wine. Roll on 7pm. I really begrudge days like today where you feel like you’ve achieved nothing but are knackered from doing so. What a day! Still, on a positive note, tomorrow will be better. Oh no wait, I’m night shift.


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